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It’s Official!!!


Well everyone, it’s official. After months of determining on where I wanted my writing career to go, I’ve made the decision to go the traditional route with my book career. Today, it was announced that I am officially a part of the Write House family under “Tiece Presents!”

First, I have to say that it’s a honor to be apart of this publication, especially since Tiece is one of my favorite authors (I love the Drunk in Love series with her and Cole Hart), so this is truly a blessing to be under her wing.

I can’t give all the details yet, but I can say that the first book under Write House will be Resisting Temptation. But not to worry, Redemption will still be released next month; in fact, that will be the final book as an indie author. The Love Chronicles and Simply Love will still be released, but they will be delayed somewhat. More likely, Simply Love will be released after Resisting Temptation, but that might change.

This has been an amazing journey as an indie author and I have you all to thank. Thank you all for giving an unknown author a chance to grace your Kindles and Nooks with my stories. I really hope as I begin a new chapter in my writing career that you all continue with me as I plan to deliver even more stories to you all.

Again, thank you! 🙂

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