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LLH: Book 2 Chapter 18

Chapter 19 will be posted at midnight (central time) Saturday!!

Several weeks have passed and it was now Valentine’s Day. Riana couldn’t believe how fast the days were going, but with her classes keeping her busy, she hasn’t noticed. Another thing that was keeping her busy was her complicated love life. She glanced at the picture of her and Shawn on the counter and sighed.

Since that day with Marcus, she continued to see him, but their encounters were not strictly sexual. They actually hung out together, getting to know each other more. She actually felt relieved that their relationship wasn’t purely physical and that she was seeing him in a different light. Now, it wasn’t hard for her to spend time with him, since Shawn was either at work, his classes, or at the station. She barely seen him, which made her feel a little at ease, because if she was around him regularly, she would have felt even guiltier.

As for Britney, she barely seen her either. For the past few weeks, she only saw her twice and that was in passing. For a second, she thought she might have moved out, but her stuff was still in her room, so she didn’t know where she was. She thought the entire situation was strange, but she let it go.

Since it was Valentine’s Day, she wanted to do something special, but with who? The entire situation with Shawn and Marcus were starting to become too much. She knew she should make a decision and be with one guy, but she didn’t want to let either one go. She loved Shawn and she was getting to know Marcus, so it was tough to pick between the two.

There was a knock on the door, which interrupted her thoughts. She went to it, opening it to see Shawn on the other end.

“Hey.” she said, while giving him a hug.

“Hey. I hope you’re not expecting anyone.” he said while giving a huge grin.

Riana tilted her head, wondering what he meant by that. Although Marcus gave his suspicions about Shawn possibly knowing about them, Riana thought differently. Honestly, she doesn’t think Shawn knows anything.

Hopefully it stays that way. She thought.

“Why would you think that?”

“I don’t know, you might have made plans already.” he said while walking inside.

“I wouldn’t do that. It’s Valentine’s Day.”

He looked at her and smiled.

“I know.”

He looked at her left arm and gave a concerned look.

“Where’s the bracelet I gave you?”

Riana gave a hesitant look. Honestly, she didn’t know where the bracelet Shawn gave her. The last time she saw it was at his apartment a couple of weeks ago. She was in panic mode looking for since it was a gift and he would be pissed if he knew she lost it. She couldn’t afford to slip up, especially with leaving her belongings behind at the apartment.

“I decided not to wear it today.” she lied.

“Oh. You do have it, right?”

She tilted her head again and smiled.

“Yes baby, I do.”

“Well, as long as you have it. I wouldn’t want you misplacing it anywhere.”

“I would never do that.”

He nodded and went to sit down. She followed him and sat beside him.

“I was thinking instead of going out we could just chill tonight. Watch some movies and enjoy each other’s company.”

Riana smiled.

“I would like that.”

“Cool. Because I miss spending time with you.” he said.

She started to become teary-eyed at how sweet he was being. She didn’t deserve him, especially with the things she’d been doing recently.

“How did I become so lucky to have you in my life.” she said, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Shawn stared at her and moved a strand of hair from her face.

“I love you.” he said as he kissed her.

As soon as his lips touched hers, she immediately melted. She wished she could figure out what to do about the two men in her life, but how can she choose when they do stuff like this?

He pulled her onto his lap and she straddled him. He lifted up her shirt, staring at her black laced bra. He buried his face in between her chest, licking the curves of her breasts.

She leaned her head back, enjoying the way he was touching her skin. She hated herself for being so weak. Before she lost her virginity, she vowed to only have sex with one man. She found that with Shawn, but her hormones completely took over when she saw Marcus. Now, she broke the one promise she tried to keep for herself, which made her feel dirty.

Shawn glanced at her as she pulled off his shirt. He lightly touched her back, stopping at her bra. He unhooked the wire and slowly took it off of her.

“Beautiful.” he said.

She suddenly cringed at what he just said. That brought back the moment when Marcus also said that to her. He continued to caress her skin, which made the awkward feeling go away.

“Make love to me.” she whispered.

Shawn pulled both of them from the couch and she tightly wrapped her legs around him. They went to the bedroom, ready to enjoy their evening together.


Shawn stared at Riana as she was sleeping on his chest. She looked beautiful as she was slightly smiling from the evening she had. From that expression alone, he could automatically have a change of heart about his plans for her, but when he pictured her with Marcus, that feeling was replaced with revenge.

He had some of the plan set in motion, from the venue, which was The Tunnel, to the music and food; he was ready to give her a party she and everyone else would definitely remember for years to come.

One thing he wasn’t going to do was sleep with her, especially since she was with his brother, but when he looked at her and the look she gave him made him want her. He had to admit, it was different from what they usually experience. He didn’t know if it was the guilt that was consuming her or because she wanted it just as much as he did, but it was some of the best sex he ever had with her. Evidentially, his brother wasn’t doing his job if she was still willing to sleep with him too.

Although she hurt him in the worse possible way, the love he has for her would never go away and it still showed with every touch, caress, and stroke that he had given her. Hopefully that will be something she’ll remember when the truth finally does come out.

Riana slowly opened her eyes and stared at Shawn.


“Hey, baby.”

“Can I say that was amazing.” she said.

He put his arm around her.

“I was thinking the same thing. No matter what happens between us, just know that I will always love you.” Riana stared at Shawn with tears in her eyes.

“Just like I will always love you.”

He held her, taking a deep breath. He became teary-eyed himself because he didn’t know if she was telling the truth. Their relationship now was built on lies, something he thought would never occur with them.

Even if the relationship they had was gone, for a moment, they can pretend to be the loving couple they once were.

*** Britney walked into Patrick’s in a terrible mood. She looked at the couples seated in booths around her and sighed. She thought she would be spending Valentine’s Day with her boyfriend, but that theory was gone once she found out he was cheating on her. Since Shawn told her about Marcus and Riana, she completely shut the both of them out.

Instead of being at the apartment, she’s been staying in her old room at her parents’ house. She lied to them, saying her and Riana had to leave their apartment due to fumigations around the complex, but after a couple of days of her being holed up in her room, her parents began to wonder if she was telling the truth.

After what happened with Shawn, she felt completely embarrassed with her behavior. She couldn’t believe she was throwing herself at him. She knew he wasn’t ready to move on, but she kept pushing him to, which led nowhere. She was glad he stopped them, because that would had been a terrible mistake between them.

She looked at the door and saw Marcus walk in. She quickly picked up a menu that was on the table to cover her face so he wouldn’t see her, but it was too late. She put the menu down as he approached her table.

“Hey. I tried calling and texting you, but you haven’t responded.” he said.

“I’ve been busy.” she said in a cold tone.

“Oh, well are you busy now? Maybe we could celebrate Valentine’s Day.”

The offer was tempting, but she wasn’t going to be anyway near him. She knew she shouldn’t judge him, especially since she has done her own share of dirt, but the idea that he stabbed his brother in the back was what really pissed her off.

“I don’t think so.”

“What is going on? I haven’t heard from you in weeks and when I finally see you, you have an attitude.”

“Just leave Marcus.”

“Not until we talk.”

He gently grabbed her hand and stared at her.

“I know things have been strange lately, that’s why I want to make it up to you. You are truly wonderful, so you should be treated as such.”

Britney glanced at him. She really wanted to believe him, but she can’t get the image of him and Riana out of her head.

“Come on; we can go out to eat, catch a movie, or just hang out. It’s your choice.”

She closed her eyes, not knowing what to do.

What the hell; it’s Valentine’s Day.

She smiled.

“Okay, we can go see a movie.”

Marcus smiled. She got out of her seat and he took her hand as they left the restaurant.

*** Monica stared at the wall in a confused state. In the last few weeks, her and Donnell has done nothing but argued. From who turn it was to wash the dishes to who would pay the rent, it was always something every day, which was starting to become an issue with her.

Who am I kidding; moving in here was an issue. She thought.

When she met her mother for lunch a couple of weeks ago, she talked to her about the issues she was having with Donnell and whether she made a mistake moving in with him. While giving a concerned look, her mother simply told her if she’s having doubts about being with Donnell, then she should do the right thing and move out. Although she’s been having those feelings for some time now, she didn’t know if she should do it. The two have been through so much, so this would be another setback if she just packed and left.

But I know I will be miserable if I stay.

She looked at the wall clock, realizing it was after 8 p.m. Donnell had 3 more hours at work before he headed home. She got up and walked into the bedroom. She pulled out her suitcase and went into the closet. She pulled out what she could fit into it, figuring she would get the rest of her things when he’s in class in the morning.

She went to the dresser and grabbed a notepad and a pen. She wrote a note for him, letting him know she loved him, but to save their relationship, she has to move out. She also mentioned she would stay with Britney and Riana and to not call her until she figured things out.

She grabbed her suitcase and went back into the living room. She placed the note on the counter, got her purse and went to the door.

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