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LLH-Book 2 Chapter 2

Here’s chapter 2 from LLH Book 2…

A few days later and everyone were getting ready for a new semester. Monica grabbed her backpack from the kitchen table when Donnell walked out of their bedroom with all smiles. She glanced at him, wondering why he was so happy so early in the morning.

“What’s with the chipper expression?”

“I was thinking maybe I could take you to class since I have the morning free until mine starts later.”

“I think I can get to my class in one piece, Donnell.”

“I know, but I was wondering if you would like some company? “he asked, putting his arm around her.

“As much as I would like that, I think it would be best if I went alone and you get some sleep.” she said, quickly kissing him on the cheek and going to the door. She closed it, taking a deep breath before pulling out her phone. She texted Britney, asking if she could meet her before her class. She needed to talk to someone about her issues with Donnell before she goes insane.

Or do something stupid.

Five minutes later, and she was seated inside of the student lounge drinking coffee and going through her phone when she saw Britney walking in.

“Hey. What’s wrong?” she asked, sitting down in a chair across from Monica.

“It’s Donnell, Brit. You know I love him, but he is getting on my nerves! Ever since the miscarriage, he has treated me like I’m some delicate flower. Sure, what happened to me was terrible, and I will always think about it. I’m trying really hard to move on, but it seemed as if he won’t let me.” “Monica, Donnell is only looking out for you. He loves you and he only wants to protect you.”

“Well, he’s doing too much protecting.”

“Is there something else that’s bothering you?”

Monica sighed, staring at the door.

“What if I do something stupid? What if he pushes me so far that I end up doing something that I might regret? I’d done some crazy stuff and it scares me to think that I may potentially end everything with him.”

“Why are you worrying about that? What you should do is talk to him. You need to tell him how you feel so you wouldn’t do anything drastic.”

She nodded, knowing what Britney was saying was true, but deep down she knew that telling her feelings to Donnell would only bring more issues to an already complicated situation.


Cheryl quickly ran to the science building, nearly colliding with someone before heading up the steps. After doing a double shift at the restaurant, she barely had three hours of sleep before waking up for her 8a.m. anatomy and physiology class. She knew she couldn’t afford to miss the first day, since this class was going to be her hardest one this semester.

She walked into class, taking a seat near the door and taking a deep breath. She sighed, wondering if she could take a cat-nap before class started.

She knew what she was getting into with working and taking classes. Since majority of the staff were college students, the majority decided to only do the afternoon and early evening shifts, which meant someone had to take the late night shifts. She gladly agreed, knowing she could receive more tips, but what she didn’t bargain for was being on her feet for practically the entire night without breaks.

“Long night?” someone asked.

She turned, wondering who was speaking to her. She stared at the guy and smiled.

“You can say that.”

“Let me see; you wanted to have one last night of partying before buckling down with your studies?”

“I wish. I was working, doing a double shift at Patrick’s.”

“Oh, working girl. Well at least you have a good excuse. I’m Devin by the way.” he said, extending his hand out to her.

Cheryl smiled, accepting his handshake.

“Cheryl, nice to meet you.”

“Likewise. Well, I suggest you get plenty of sleep for this class. I know a couple of people who took it and they all said the lessons are very intense.”

“I can imagine.”

“I know we’re going to have lab partners for the semester, so if you want, we could team up.”

Cheryl stared at Devin, not sure if she should take his offer.

He smirked at her expression.

“Relax, I’m not saying we should make out or anything; unless you want to.” he said, giving her a sexy grin.

She rolled her eyes at him while taking out a notepad and pen.

“I was just kidding. Anyway, do you want to be partners?”

“I guess, whatever.”

“Cool.” he said, giving Cheryl another glance before going into his backpack.

She glanced at Devin again, not sure what she was getting herself into.


Riana went up to Shawn’s doorstep, hoping she would see him before he went to class. She wanted to give him a surprise for his first day at Channel 2.

With his gift in her hand, she rang the doorbell, patiently waiting when the door opened.

“Hey.” Marcus said.

Riana took a step back, noticing that he was only wearing a pair of blue basketball shorts.

“Hey, Marcus. Is Shawn here?”

“He left about 20 minutes ago. He had to go to the station to sign some form for his internship. Why you didn’t call his cell?”

“I actually wanted to surprise him, but I’ll just catch up with him later.” “He told me he was coming back here after he’s finished, so if you wanted to stick around, you can.”

Riana sighed, wondering if she should.

“I probably should just go.”

“You don’t have to.” he said, staring at her.

He stepped aside, letting her come inside the apartment. She walked in, heading straight to the living room.

“Did you want anything?”

Yeah, a shirt so you could cover up. she thought, sitting down on the couch.

“No, thanks.”

Marcus looked down, realizing he needed to put on a shirt.

“I’ll be right back.”

Riana nodded, watching him go to his room. She took a deep breath, wondering what was wrong with her. How could she be lusting after her boyfriend’s brother?

He walked back in, his chest now covered with black t-shirt.

“I see you’re not taking a morning class?”

“My class starts later today, but I do have a morning class tomorrow.”

“Okay. I feel like college was so long ago for me, even though I graduated three years ago.”

“What was your major?”

“Criminal justice. I wanted to be a lawyer, but decided being a cop was more rewarding. After college, I applied for the academy, got in, and the rest is history.”

“Do you regret not pursuing a career as a lawyer?”

“No. I love working for the force. I don’t think I could see myself doing anything else. What about you? I know you’re majoring in journalism, but what route you want to pursue?”

“I’m not sure yet. I’m leaning toward broadcasting, but I’m also considering print media.”

“I’m pretty sure it’s exciting to pursue.”

“It is, especially with everything that goes into journalism. I’m enjoying it.” she said, giving a bright smile.

Marcus looked at her and smiled.

Riana stared into his eyes, realizing they were hazel. She turned away from his glance and looked towards the wall.

“Are you okay? I know things have been awkward since the bathroom incident.”

“Everything is fine.”

“You sure, because I don’t want us to be weird around each other. Like Shawn said, we’re kind of even now since I seen you half naked.”

“Don’t remind me.” Riana softly said.

“Although I have to admit, if you weren’t my brother’s girlfriend, I would have definitely tried to talk to you.”

Riana stared at Marcus when the door suddenly opened.

“Hey.” Shawn said, walking in. He looked at the two, noticing the awkward glance Riana had on her face.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

Riana looked from Shawn to Marcus, wondering what the hell she should do.

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