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LLH: Book 3 Chapter 13

Hi everyone! Due to the release of Unconditional Love, I decided to take a day off from posting yesterday, but chapter 13 is posted. Enjoy 🙂

Monica and Chris walked into the lounge to see Cheryl doing her pledge duties. The two glanced at her and shook their heads before going over to where Shawn was seated.

“How long has she been doing that?” Chris asked.

Shawn checked his watch before speaking. “About 10 minutes.”

“I could never do that. I would have to beat someone down if someone forced me to do that.” Monica stated.

“Well, it’s all for sisterhood.” Shawn said while giving air quotes.

“How’s Riana doing?” Monica asked.

“Dominique tried to get her to make-out with Terrance, but my girl put a stop to that.”

Chris glanced at Shawn with a surprised expression. “Okay, I know I’ve been out of it for a little bit with work, but when did Riana become your girl again?”

“Since yesterday. We made up.”

“Yeah, Riana gave us the naughty details.” Monica said with a smile.

Shawn smiled and looked over at Riana. She looked over at him and blushed.

“I’m happy you two are back together, but what made you decide to forgive her?” Chris asked.

“I can’t see myself without her. She’s the one I want to be with.”

“What about Dominique, because I don’t think she got the memo.” Chris implied.

Shawn looked at her, who was giving him a sexy stare. “That’s complicated.”

“Ri thought up this elaborate plan to have Shawn continue to date her while she digs up any weird activity from GZG.” Monica said.

“Seriously? You know that will backfire on the both of you.” Chris said.

“I know; hopefully she will get what she needs so we don’t have to go any further.”

Monica got up from her seat. “Let me go order your coffee.” She said to Chris.

He smiled as she went to the counter.

Shawn looked at Chris with a curious glance.

“What’s going on with you two?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Don’t give me that. I’ve noticed you two acting differently around each other that night at the bowling alley. And you two walking into the lounge like you’re old friends.”

“We are, Shawn.”

“I don’t mean like that.”

Chris sighed and glanced from Cheryl, who finally finished her jumping jacks, to Monica at the counter. He looked at Shawn and shrugged.

“Nothing’s going on, Shawn. I’m in love with Cheryl.”

“Okay, but I just saw you checking out Monica’s ass.”

“Seriously, Shawn.”

“You don’t have to lie to me; if you have feelings for Monica, just say so. I’m not going to judge you. I know you wanted to talk to her before, so those feelings are probably still there.”

“There not, it just…”

“Just what?”

“There are times when I do think about her. I wonder how things would have been if we had pursued a relationship.”

“This doesn’t have anything to do with you trying to get Cheryl to get an apartment together, is it? So you can stop thinking about other women?”

“No; I really think it’s time for us to take that step.”

“I don’t think it is if you’re having feelings for someone else.”

“I don’t have any feelings…”

“I know what type of feelings you’re having, and that will only get you into trouble.”

Chris stared at Monica again and sighed. Shawn is right. He needs to focus on his relationship with Cheryl.

*** Britney was heading to her apartment when she saw Jackie standing on her doorstep. She looked to see if anyone was lurking around before approaching him.

“What are you doing? You can’t be here.”

“Will you relax? No one is outside. Besides, would anyone really care if they saw us together?”

“This is an apartment complex that is on campus, so yes; anyone can spot you and me together and report us to the dean.” She said while opening the door.

“I could be coming by to drop off an assignment. You really do worry too much.”

“And you’re too nonchalant about everything. If anyone found out about us, not only will you be kicked out of your fellowship, but I’ll be kicked out of school. That will not go well with my parents.” She commented. She walked into the apartment while Jackie was behind her.

“No one will know about us, unless you told someone. Have you?”

Britney gave an uneasy glance before sitting down.

“Did you tell someone about us?”

“Just my friends, but they won’t say anything.”

“Are you sure about that? Sorry to say this, but they’re usually the ones that will rat you out.”

“Not my friends. We have a pretty tight bond, so they won’t let it slip.”

“Let’s hope not. Anyway, I was thinking we should go out. Maybe take a ride into Houston and go to dinner and see a movie?”


“No one will see us, Brit.”

She sighed and smiled.


“Okay. I’ll come back later this afternoon around 4.”

“Okay.” Britney replied.

Jackie went to her and kissed her before going to the door. Once it was closed, Britney went to it and sighed.

I really hope we can be careful.

*** Once the pledges were finished with their assignments, Dominique let them go, until further notice. Cheryl walked away from the lounge, completely humiliated with what she had to do. She was going to call Chris to see if he wanted to hang out before he went to work, but for some reason, she couldn’t pick up the phone. She saw him walked into the lounge with Monica, which made her kind of curious considering the two never really hung out besides when everyone was together. What was even stranger was that Chris didn’t even acknowledge her once she was dismissed. Instead, he walked out with Monica, which made her shake her head.

She and Riana were walking to the parking lot when they saw Marcus coming to them. Riana glanced at Cheryl, wondering if she should leave.

“You probably would see him eventually.” Cheryl said.

She looked at him and smiled.

“Hey. What are you doing here?”

“Actually, I just left Admissions. Since I have the time off, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and I decided to go back to earn my Master’s.”

Cheryl gave a huge smile. “Wow. That’s great.”

Riana stared at the two, wondering if either one of them remembered she was standing there.

“Hey Riana.” Marcus greeted.

“Hey. And that’s great about going back to school.”

“Yeah, I need to keep myself occupied right now.”

“I probably should go.” Riana said.

She was about to walk off when she saw Shawn approaching them. She looked from him to Marcus, immediately praying they don’t start fighting on the quad. She also didn’t want to be out in public too long in case Dominique or Terrance was lurking around.

Shawn glanced at Marcus and rolled his eyes. He looked at Riana and gave her a quick kiss.

“I thought we were going to meet up at my place?” She asked.

“We were, but plans have changed. I was thinking about going into the city, if you want.”

“Sounds good.”

Marcus looked at the two. From what happened at Riana’s party, he thought the two were broken up; but he wouldn’t known if they were or not since he hasn’t spoken to Shawn since that night.

“Shawn.” He said.

He glanced at Marcus and sighed. “What?”

“I was wondering if we could find some time to talk about what happened.”

“There’s nothing to talk about. Let’s go before someone sees us. Bye, Cheryl.” Shawn said. He took Riana’s hand and the two walked to the parking lot.

Cheryl turned to stare at Marcus. He sighed.

“I guess that’s how it will be between us. I don’t blame him though.”

“I’m sorry, Marcus. Maybe you two will reconcile one day. He did with Riana, so it’s possible.”

“It’s cool; it’s just sometimes I miss having my little brother around.”

“I think he misses you too. He might not admit it now, but I can see it in his eyes.”

“I know you said you were coming by later, but what are your plans for right now?”

“I thought I was going to hang out with Chris before I went to class, but that’s not going to happen, so technically, I’m free.”

“How about we go do something? Since you showed me one of your favorite spots, it’s my turn to show you mine.”

Cheryl smiled. “Sure, why not.”

Marcus grinned. “Okay.”

And the two went to his car.

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