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Love- Chapter 10

Love SS

Hi everyone!! Here is the conclusion to Love. I really hope you enjoyed the entire story as well as the ending. 🙂

For those of you who wanted to wait until the entire story was uploaded, it is available now under on another page on my blog:

After what Sophia witnessed, she knew that she and Patrick were officially over.

And he said I made my choice. It seemed as if he made his, too.

She went back to the table she and Layla were sitting but noticed three girls were occupying it. She turned to the bar when someone touched her arm.

“Leave me alone.” She said without looking.

“I’m not, Sophia.”

She turned around to see Patrick staring at her.

“Patrick, I really don’t want to talk to you. I shouldn’t have come out tonight. I’m going to find Layla and tell her I’m leaving.”

“We really need to talk.”

“Why? So you can gloat in my face that you’re with Natalie? I already seen the moment that you two became official.”

“We are not together. She just poured her heart out to me and told me she loved me, but I told her I don’t love her.”

“Right now, I don’t care who you’re with or what you’re doing. It’s over between us.”

“You don’t mean that. You still love me.”

Sophia looked at Patrick. He stepped up to Sophia and put her in his arms. “No matter how long it takes, I’m going to get you back.”

The two looked at each other when a reggae song the two remembered started to play through the speakers.

“That’s our song,” Patrick whispered.

“That’s the first song we danced to.” Sophia remembered.

Patrick took Sophia’s hand and the two went towards the dance floor. They began to dance to the rhythm of the music.

As they were dancing, Aiden and Layla were near the DJ booth watching the two danced in a slow grind.

“You think we did it?” Aiden asked.

“Let’s hope so.” Layla said.

Several people stopped dancing to watch Sophia and Patrick, including James and Natalie, who were nearby.

“I guess we lost, huh?” James asked.

“I guess so,” Natalie whispered.

Cassandra came up to the two and sighed. “I can’t believe you two. After all you two have done.”

“Shut up, Cassandra.” James said.

“Yeah, I already feel bad enough.” Natalie said.

“You should be.” Cassandra said and walked off.

Patrick looked at Sophia and slowly put his arms around her waist. The two glanced at each other as if they were the only ones in the club as they continued dancing. Once the song ended and another one began, the two were still staring at each other.

“I think the song is over,” Sophia whispered.

“I know. Sophia, all my life I’ve been searching for someone who was the total package: smart, funny, sophisticated, and beautiful. I thought I had found that in other women, but I didn’t. I never found that until I met you. You don’t know how much you have changed my life and I appreciate all you have done for me to make me who I am standing in front of you right now.

“Sophia Davis, I love you so much and I want things between us to work. I’m willing to wait for as long as it takes to have you back in my life again because I don’t want anyone else. Baby, you’re all I ever wanted and more in my life, so I will wait for you.”

Sophia looked at Patrick with tears in her eyes. “Patrick…”

Before Sophia could finish, Patrick pulled out the ring box. He pulled out the engagement ring and bent down on one knee. A small crowd were gathered around them, watching the scene unfold as the DJ turned off the music. Layla put her hands to her mouth in shock while Aiden smiled at the two. Natalie and James looked at them and shook their heads.

Sophia gasped at the engagement ring as she held onto Patrick.

“Sophia, I love you, and I want everyone to know how much you mean to me. Baby, I want to spend the rest of my life with you and I’m hoping you would want me in your life now and forever. So Sophia, will you be my wife?”

Sophia was still speechless to the proposal. The crowd began to encourage her, telling her to say yes as she stared at Patrick. She took a deep breath, finally getting the courage to speak.

“Patrick, do you really want to take that step with me?”

“I’m willing to take whatever step with you. I want us to be together, have a family, and grow old together. I want us to have our happily ever after, baby. I just need to hear it from you that you want me too.”

Sophia pulled Patrick up from the dance floor. She took her hand and placed it on Patrick’s free hand.

“Yes, baby; I will marry you.”

“Yes!” Patrick exclaimed. He quickly put the ring on Sophia’s finger and picked her up from the dance floor. The crowd cheered for the two as Patrick hugged her.

“Oh my God!” Layla yelled. She looked at Aiden and gave him a hug.

Natalie and James looked at the happy couple and began to walk towards the club doors.

“You don’t know how much this means to me.” Patrick said while stroking Sophia’s hair.

“I love you so much, Patrick. I can’t wait to be your wife.”

The DJ turned the music back on as a fast tempo beat played through the speakers. Layla and Aiden came up to Sophia and Patrick to congratulate the two.

“I can’t believe you’re getting married!” Layla said while hugging Sophia.

“I can’t either!”

“Congratulations, man.” Aiden said to Patrick.

“Thanks. You know you’re my best man, right?”

“No doubt.”

Cassandra walked over to the group and smiled. “Congratulations, you two. That’s great that you two are engaged.”

“Thanks, Cassandra. And thanks again about Natalie and James.” Sophia said.

“No problem; I was just helping a friend.”

“That’s why I want you to be one of my bridesmaids.”

Cassandra was shocked as she gave Sophia a hug. Layla, Patrick, and Aiden gave Sophia a look, wondering if she had lost her mind.

“Thanks, Sophia, but I don’t think I should.”

“Why not? We are still friends. Just because one friend messed things up doesn’t mean our friendship is over. It would mean so much to me if you were part of the wedding.”

Patrick smiled at Cassandra. “Sophia’s right. It would mean a lot to me, too.”

Cassandra smiled and hugged Sophia again. “Thank you, Sophia. I would be honored.”

“Well, we have a wedding to plan.” Sophia said to Patrick.

“Yes, we do; but tonight, let’s celebrate.”

“I’m all for that.” Sophia agreed.

The two went back to the dance floor, full of happiness over their engagement.

“I love you, sweetie.” Sophia said.

“I love you too, baby.” Patrick said.

And the two patched things up and are preparing for a new life with a kiss that would change their lives forever.

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