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New Release: One Night Only by Lynette Edwards


Hi everyone! The second book released from SBinkley Publishing is Lynette Edward’s One Night Only, which is a powerful story about learning to trust and believe in your faith as well as being patient in every situation.

Here is the synopsis:

Sasha is a straight laced, by the book, plain Jane type of woman. She has walked the path less traveled her entire life and where has it taken her? Nowhere!

Sasha decides to forget about her boring life and reconnect with her high school friend Leah for just one night!

I mean, seriously, what’s the worse that can happen; it’s ONE NIGHT ONLY………..


Here is a sneak peek of the story:

“It is better to wait on what you deserve… than to end up with what you may one day regret.”

“What are you doing Sasha? That’s my hat, my socks, my shirt; for heaven sake, those are my boxers. Are you crazy? What in the world is wrong with you? I leave the house for less than twenty minutes, only to return to you throwing out everything I own? Have you lost your freaking mind?”

“NO DAVID!” says Sasha, angrily. “I haven’t lost my mind; only my husband!!!!”

One Night Only will only be available on Amazon. 1-Click for $0.99 or read for free with Kindle Unlimited.

Paperbacks will also be available very soon.

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