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Poll Winners!!!!

Happy Sunday everyone!!! Back in December, I created a poll asking you to pick the next book idea. The responses were more than what I expected, and now I have the winner!!

With 75% of your votes, the winner for the new book idea is:

Love Unbroken, Part 2

For anyone who have already purchased Trust Me, you probably noticed the story was included in the Coming Soon section at the end of the book. The title has changed to Love Always, and will be available in November. I will have more details regarding the book soon!!!

You also may have noticed that I included Resisting Temptation (previously titled Fighting Temptation) in the Coming Soon section as well. Hayley and Morgan’s story will be a three-part series. The first story will be available in December.

Another poll was created in January asking you which is your favorite book couple. Honestly, I didn’t think I would get a huge response from this poll, but you all really surprised me. Another surprise is that there was a tie.

With 33% each, the winners of the favorite couple poll is:

Tia & Charles: A Chance at Love

Cheryl & Marcus: Trust Me

I was really surprised with Cheryl and Marcus, considering their story wasn’t even released when the poll was created!

With that in mind, for those who have purchased Trust Me, would you like Cheryl’s siblings, Kevin and Elise to have their own stories? Just a thought 🙂

I also created a book group on Facebook! If you are on Facebook and want to discuss any of the books with other readers, then this is the group for you! This is a closed group, so make sure to request an invite, and I will be glad to grant the request.

The link is below:

Until the next post, happy reading 🙂

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