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Pre-Order Alert: Trust Me by Angel Mystique


Trust Me by Angel Mystique is available now for pre-order. It will be released on Amazon July 12th!

Sometimes, all it takes is trust.

Blake Harper has only loved one woman: Samantha Chandler. The one woman who broke his heart years ago. Blake finds a way to get in touch with her again. Who knew she would say yes to meeting face to face again? Who knew she would allow herself another chance with him?

Who knew they both would begin to trust each other… surprising each other along the way?

TRUST ME is Blake and Samantha’s story of redemption. Join them, as they find themselves all over again- together.

Angel Mystique has been writing stories ever since she was eight years old. She pens as a Fantasy (Sci-Fi Romances, love stories & PNR & love stories) & Contemporary Romance (and love story) Author., When she’s not typing up her latest WIP, she can be found catching up on shows that she loves. Greenleaf, Scandal, and The Bachelor Franchise (and so many other authors and TV shows) all are attributing factors to why she writes what she writes.

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