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Preview: Unconditional Love

To get everyone ready for the release of Unconditional Love next week, here is a sneak peek from Jayden’s POV. Enjoy 🙂

After only getting two hours of sleep, I went back into my suite, showered, changed and headed to Mason’s, a restaurant on campus, to meet up with the fam before going to my sociology class. I knew I should squeeze in some time with them since I’ll be going back to full practice mode soon. Since the season started, the team has been in beast mode, winning 15 in a row; but unfortunately, we recently lost to our rival, Clarkson University, which had Coach Bell completely on edge. If we’re going to the championship, we have to defeat teams like Clarkson to advance, so I know the extra practices we’re about to endure will be tough, but much needed.

I knew some of my teammates would be upset about the extra practices, especially since we all just finished our rounds of late-night practices for the Clarkson game; but I didn’t mind.

Basketball is my life, and I would love to go pro once I’m done with college. If given the chance, I probably would have just gone straight to the NBA after high school, but I knew my mom would have disapproved of the notion. That’s why I tried my hardest to get into a college on a full ride scholarship, which I did at Shaw. Now that my first year is almost over, I’m thinking that getting a degree in political science may not be so bad. I’d taken one class so far in my major, and I’m already learning a lot from it.

I walked into the restaurant, seeing Riana, my cousin, Cheryl Thompson, and Shawn and Marcus Walker sitting at a booth near the window. Even though I would have preferred to meet up at the student lounge since it was closer to the sociology building, I knew that was impossible since Marcus was banned from there for fighting; so of course, we had to meet elsewhere. “What’s up?” I asked everyone, sitting beside Riana.

“Nothing; just discussing some details for the wedding,” Cheryl piped up, giving a bright smile as Marcus put an arm around her. I still can’t believe those two are engaged.

Considering their pasts, I wouldn’t have thought they would even be in a relationship, but I guess love can change a person’s way of thinking. I wouldn’t know because I’ve never been in love.

“Isn’t it a little soon to be thinking about the wedding? You two just got engaged,” I asked.

“We’re not getting married right now, but we can still talk about it,” Cheryl said.

“You know me, I would have married your cousin as soon as she said yes, but we’re waiting until Cheryl finishes her degree,” Marcus added.

“Even though I’ll be starting medical school, too, but I don’t want him to wait any longer,” she said, giving him a kiss. I watched them as Marcus kissed her neck. He whispered in her ear, and Cheryl bit her lip, trying not to moan. With the way they were acting, I wondered if they realized they were in a public place.

“And you always say we’re the ones who need the room,” Riana teased with a smile.

“Oh hush,” Cheryl replied.

“Leave them alone; besides…” Shawn said, then whispered into Riana’s ear. Whatever he said actually caused her to moan, then she trailed her hand down his chest.

“You four are really starting to annoy me,” I told them.

“Come on, we can’t help it; besides, once you and Britney finally admit your feelings to each other, you two will be doing the same thing,” Shawn said.

I looked toward the door and saw Britney Lewis walk in. I became nervous, realizing that maybe Shawn was right. She and I had been tip-toeing around our feelings since we met in high school. While I tried to hide mine by dating other girls, Britney was more obvious with hers, trying to find any chance to be around me. Although I would love for us to date and even have a relationship, I knew we couldn’t, not with my schedule. Between school and basketball, I wouldn’t have time to be with her, which sucked because I really want to every single day.

She looked beautiful, wearing a floral baby doll dress; her hair was hung loosely around her gorgeous face, while her grayish brown eyes stared directly into mine. I couldn’t help but smile as she gave me one in return.

“Hey,” she greeted.


We continued to gaze at each other when Marcus sarcastically cleared his throat.

“Are you two going to continue staring at each other or finally admit there’s something there?”

Britney blushed, and I sighed. I really wanted to, but with how my life is, including the guilt I’ve been consumed with for years, I knew I couldn’t. Not now, not ever.


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