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Hi everyone!! I have been VERY busy with putting the finishing touches on A Chance at Love as well as writing Trust Me, so of course, I haven’t been able to do a post in quite some time. Now, a random thought came to mind while I was sitting at work (Yes, I still have a 9 to 5). I was thinking, should I post the first chapter of Trust Me for anyone who may be interested in reading it? Since the story comes out next month, I was thinking if I should post the chapter to give everyone a chance to preview Cheryl and Marcus’ story (also to check up with Riana and Shawn).

If you are interested in reading the first chapter, there are a couple of ways to voice your interest. You can do so by replying to this post; you can send me a tweet @ChevonBink, or you can message me on Facebook. If enough readers are interested in reading the first chapter, I will post it on here soon.

A Chance at Love will be available next Friday on Amazon and Barnes and Noble! Make sure to download your copy and see what happens between Tia and Charles. If you loved In Love With My Best Friend, then you will definitely enjoy this story!

Also, I will be announcing the winners to all the recent giveaways on this blog. The announcement will be soon, so stay tuned!

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