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Release Dates!!!

Hi everyone!!! I was able to finalize a couple of dates for my new releases. This will be for all the books I’m releasing for this year. The dates may change, but only if there is a MAJOR issue. If so, I will definitely provide a reason if that ever happens.

The Wedding, Part I (Camille & Trevor): May 14th (This is to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the release of In Love With My Best Friend)

The Wedding, Part II (Tia & Charles): June 20th

Unconditional Love (Jayden & Britney):July 5th (The release date is also my birthday!!)

The Way We Were (Monica & Donnell): September 10th

Love Always (Riana & Shawn): November 19th

Resisting Temptation (Hayley & Morgan): December 17th

Also, when The Wedding, Part II is released in June, make sure to check out the end of the book, because there will be a HUGE announcement 🙂

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