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Seven Things You Need To Know About Into You 

1. The Story is Centered Around a Car Wash: Yep, you read right! Even though this is a romance story, the story is centered around working at a car wash. Vanessa, the heroine in the story, lost her high-profiled job and after months of not finding work, her friend got her a job working at a car wash. This kind of hits home for me because this has actually happened to me a year ago. Even though I didn’t find love while at work (I already found it with my fiancé), the working at the car wash bit is actually true, and beleive me, I have seen a lot there, lol.

2. A Typical Day at Work: In Into You, there are a lot of events happening inside of Suds Boutique; from activities among the employees, to not so friendly interactions among the customers. Even though it’s happening in Suds, it never happened at my job (well, sort of). But it’s all enjoyable to say the least.

3. The Story is Also Centered Around Food: Mark, the hero, has a passion for food and is planning to open a Puerto Rican restuarant. Even though he is, there is a reason to why he has been reluctant to go back into the kitchen. That you will have to read to find out.

4. Rivalries: Several rivalries will be revealed as the car wash is up for grabs. Find out who will be the one to take over the business.

5. Jealous Exes: Both Vanessa and Mark’s exes will cause problems for the two in establishing a relationship. Find out how the two will handle it, which will result in one of them being arrested.

5. Huge Secrets: There will be a lot of secrets revealed throughout the story, including a HUGE one from Vanessa’s best friend, Simone.

6. Two Weddings: And there will be two weddings. 🙂

There you have it, seven things you need to know about Into You! There is still time to pre-order, which is available at the special price of $0.99! The price will go to $2.99 on release day.

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