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Short Story: Love

Sheena binkley

Hi everyone!! I decided to restart my short story, Love, which I will be posting all of the chapters starting today. On every Monday, a new chapter will be uploaded.

For those of you who have not started reading the first three chapter, I will start back from the beginning, so you can all catch up when the new chapters are released.

Now, let’s get reacquainted to why this story was written and the introduction to the first chapter.

Hi everyone!! Starting today, I will be starting a new series on my blog which is very near and dear to me. I will be presenting a short story that will only be featured on my blog titled, Love. This story is about a young couple who have recently broken up from a bad misunderstanding. The two relive their relationship through a series of flashbacks, which makes them wonder if they have made the right decision.

This story was written a few years ago before I began writing Love, Life, & Happiness, and it’s special to me because this was at a time when I started my relationship with my fiancé. Although the story is not about us, there are some details in the story that I depicted from real life events (well, just the first date).

Each Monday for the next two months I will be sharing a chapter from the story. This one will be when the main characters, Sophia and Patrick, meet for the first time.

If you love the first chapter, please let me know what you think in the comments section.

Enjoy! 🙂

June 13, 2013

Sophia Davis never thought her life would be where it was at that point.

“I never thought after my junior year, my life would change this quickly,” she said to herself.

She slowly turned over in her bed and looked at the clock sitting on her bedside table. She then looked at the picture of her and her ex-boyfriend and sighed.

“How did things end so quickly between us?”

She sluggishly moved out of the bed and walked to her closet. She was searching for something when she bumped into her dresser. She quickly grabbed her foot and began hobbling on one foot around her room. She lost her balance and fell hard on the hard wood floor.

“Damn it!”

A female walked into Sophia’s room in an aggravated state.“What are you doing?” Don’t you know what time it is? People are still trying to sleep.”

“Sorry, Layla, I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“It’s okay. It just the end of our summer vacation and I’m just trying to sleep late, but it’s cool that you disturbed me.”

“Listen, I don’t need an attitude from you. I said I was sorry.”

Layla looked at Sophia and bust out laughing.

“You better be glad I’m your roommate, because believe me, no one would be able to put up with you.”

Sophia laughed. “You have to because not only are you my roommate, but you’re my cousin. We’re family, we have to stick together.”

“I guess,” Layla said while laughing.

The two could be sisters instead of cousins, with their long black hair, honey colored complexion, and hazel eyes. The two were also the same height and had the same body type, which was good for the both of them since they loved to borrow each other’s clothes.

But Layla noticed Sophia wasn’t in the mood for silliness or banter. As Sophia goes over to her bed, she saw the hurt look on her cousin’s face and sat down beside her.

“You’re still hurting, are you?”

Sophia nodded. “It’s been a week now and Patrick still hasn’t called. What happened to make things between us go from living in paradise to living in hell?”

“I don’t know, but I think I could take a guess. Your ex-boyfriend came back into the picture. That why they call them exes; they’re people you keep in the past.”

Layla stood up and walked to the door. She turned around and smiled.

“Everything is going to be okay. Let Patrick have his breathing room right now.”

Sophia nodded and gave a half smile. She looked at the picture of her and Patrick smiling. She picked it up and grinned.

“If only I could go back to the beginning….”

August 29, 2011

On the first day of the new semester at Bellview University, students were eagerly going to their new classes. Sophia was walking across the quad with two other girls, talking and laughing about things that happened over the summer.

“I can’t believe we’re back in school. I feel like we just started our summer vacations.” One of the girls said.

“All I’ve done this summer was go to class, so it’s not like I had a break.” Sophia said.

“While you had your face in the books, we were out partying and having fun.”

“Natalie, please. You were doing that while you were in school,” Sophia said while laughing. Besides, I didn’t mind being in class; I just want to graduate early.”

“That’s cool and all, but where’s the fun in that? Sophia, ever since you started college you haven’t actually experienced the college life. You haven’t partied, got drunk…”

“Got laid,” her other friend mentioned.

“Is that all you two think about is sex and partying? I have done my fair share of partying. Dang, you two are making me out to be a nun or something.”

The three headed to the English building talking when Sophia ran into someone. The books she had in her hand fell to the ground while papers went all over the grass.

“Great,” Sophia whispered while falling to her knees.

“I’m so sorry. Let me help you.” the guy said.

“Thanks, it was my fault. I should have been paying attention.” Sophia mentioned.

She looked up to stare at the most gorgeous guy she has ever seen. The guy had the same complexion as hers, but a little darker, with an intense shade of brown eyes. Sophia’s eyes trailed from the guy’s face, to his body. Although he was dressed in a blue t-shirt and dark jeans, she knew he definitely worked out.

“Hi,” she softly said.


Natalie looked over and noticed the guy Sophia bumped into.

“Patrick, is that you?”

He gave a weak smile at Natalie when she mentioned his name.

“Hey, Natalie, what’s up?”

“You two know each other?” Sophia asked.

“Yeah; Sophia, this is Patrick Baker, the guy I worked with over the summer. I told you about him.” Natalie whispered.

“She wanted to sleep with him.” Natalie and Sophia’s friend loudly said.

“Cassandra!” Natalie yelled.

Patrick stood up and handed Sophia her books.

“I have to go. Maybe I’ll see you around campus.”

Sophia smiled. “Sure.”

Patrick smiled again while turning around and heading towards the admission building. He turned around to stare at Sophia again.

Natalie threw Cassandra an angry look. “You heifer! I can’t believe you just said that! That was supposed to been private.”

“Sorry, it slipped out. I don’t think he heard me anyway.”

Sophia looked at the door closed and smiled.

“So, you know Patrick?”

“I tried to talk to him when we were working at the clothing store, but he was involved at the time. From what I’ve heard now, he’s single. You want to talk to him, don’t you?”

“No, I was just asking. What would he want with me anyway?”

“Sophia, please. You’re beautiful. Any guy would want to talk to you. Just because that asshole of an ex you had dumped you doesn’t mean you’re not relationship material.” Cassandra said.

“Do we have to go there with James?”

“Sophia, James was a jerk. He was only for himself. Don’t let him stop you from dating.”

“I better go. I’m already late for class.” Sophia said.

She quickly went to the English building door and opened it.

Natalie looked at Cassandra and smiled.

“I have an idea. Why don’t I fix Sophia and Patrick up? Patrick is such a sweet guy and he’s available now; and Sophia really needs someone good in her life.”

“You really think that’s a good idea? You wanted to talk to him at one point.”

“That’s okay. I have Thomas now so I’m officially off the market. That’s my mission for today. Are you in?”

Cassandra smiled. “Of course.”

Natalie hugged Cassandra. “Before today is over, I will be considered a match maker.”


After her second class of the day, Sophia was already tired. She kept thinking back to early that morning when Cassandra brought up James.

I tried so hard to forget about him.

She walked over to the student union and found an empty seat near the window. She started to take out a book to read when Natalie and Cassandra sat in front of her.

“Don’t you ever find anything else to do besides read?” Natalie asked.

“I consider a book these days a good companion instead of a man.”

Natalie giggled. “You really need a social life, and by the end of the day you might have one. Don’t be mad but I done something today that involves you.”

Sophia gave Natalie a perplexed look. “Is it something bad or good? How the way you’re looking I probably would want to kill you later.”

“This only for your own good. Remember Patrick from this morning?”


“Well, I gave him your number.”


“Hear me out. Patrick’s a great guy. He’s sweet, honest and sensitive, everything you would want in a man.”

“If he’s such a wonderful guy, then why you not dating him?”

“Because I have Thomas. Listen, Patrick is trying to find Miss Right, just like you’re trying to find Mr. Perfect, so what wrong with a little push in the right direction?”

Sophia sighed. “Does he want to talk to me?”

“He did ask about you when I talked to him, so I gave your number and told him to call you. It’s nothing wrong with talking to him.”

“You’re right, I guess. But if he turns out to be a psycho, I’m blaming you.”

“Whatever. Good luck.” Natalie said while getting up.

Sophia looked at the window and took a deep breath.

What have I gotten myself into?

Sophia glanced at the TV in a daze. It was eleven o’clock and she was still clutching the picture of her and Patrick. Layla walked into the living room and stared at Sophia.

“I don’t believe this. Sophia, get up. You’ve been sitting in that same position since you got up. And what are you looking at? The TV is not even on.”

“I don’t feel like watching TV. I just want to stay in this position forever.”

“Sophia, I understand you and Patrick broke up, but it’s not the end of the world. Girl, you have to get out there and have some fun. This is the last day of our summer break and I’m not going to let you sit here and look depressed. Now you’re coming with me and we’re going shopping.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Do you really think Patrick is at his place moping around like you? Hell no. Now, let’s get ready.”

Layla yanked Sophia from the couch and took her towards her room. Sophia still had the picture of her and Patrick clutched against her chest.

“And will you please put down that picture!”

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