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Something Just Ain’t Right 3 News & New Series!!!


Hi everyone! It has been a while since I posted a new entry, but I have been busy with finishing Something Just Ain’t Right 3 and preparing for Redemption to be released.

Here are a couple of things that I have been working on:

Something Just Ain’t Right 3

If you have been keeping up with the Something Just Ain’t Right series, you would know that there have been a couple of OMG moments, but with SJAR3, there will be even more that will have your mouth hanging open!! You will never guess who is the mastermind behind destroying Morgan and Hayley (and trust me, it’s a doozy!). But despite the issues, Hayley and Morgan will have their HEA. They deserve it so much, so you all will love the ending. A release date has not been set yet, so stay tuned to find out that along with the cover reveal for the final book in the series.

Love, Life, & Happiness

Are you ready to revisit the LLH crew? Well, it won’t be long before you get updates on everyone with the sixth and final story in the series, Redemption. As everyone knows, this story was supposed to been released before SJAR began, but things happened, preventing the book from being released. Now that the third book will be released, I can now publish Redemption! I can’t wait for you all to read this book. Since this is Nathan’s story, it will show his POV on many of the situations that were presented throughout the LLH series. A release date has not been made yet, but it will be available once SJAR3 is released.

Kevin’s Story

This week, I started working on my next series, which is the spin-off to Love, Life, & Happiness. Kevin’s story will be very different from the LLH series. Yes, it will still have the romance that the series is known for, but there will be several situations going on- from Kevin’s issues with his marriage to Jennifer, to the issues he will soon have with his college’s best friend Carla.

In case you have forgotten about the blurb for the series, here it is:

Kevin Thompson always lived life straight by the book. He got a great job, married his college sweetheart, and has a wonderful son. But lately, Kevin’s life hasn’t been a page out of a fairy tale. He feels as if he’s stuck in a rut and his marriage to Jennifer is slowly falling apart. To make matters even more complicated, he unexpectedly runs into his college best friend, Carla Windsor, who was also friends with Jennifer. When a huge secret is exposed between the two, will it destroy everything Kevin has worked hard for or will he see this as his way out of the life he once cherished?

The original title for Kevin’s story is Love & War, but since this series may be going through my publisher, the title may be changed. And trust me, this series will not be changed. It will still have every character from the LLH series. 🙂 I’m so excited to be writing this series because not only do I get to revisit the LLH crew, but I have a lot of great ideas to write, so stay tuned!

Also, congrats to Janie McGaugh, who was the winner of the Lucky is Reading Blog Hop Giveaway! I really hope you’re enjoying your book! 🙂

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