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Swirling Around Love Day 7- London Starr

Hi everyone! I had a really bad headache last night, so I was away from any electronic device; that’s why the new post was not posted. A new author will be featured later today.


Thank you for joining us for Day 7 of the Swirling Around Love Multicultural Event. Today’s featured author is Author London Starr.


London Starr

LaToya Wilson is a mother of three, wife, and brand new author that also uses the pen name, London Starr, for pursuing a lifelong dream of writing. She has wanted to share her imagination and give people a warm place to go in her books when the real world has grown cold since the age of nine. Griffin, Georgia is her home, but not where she was born. She hopes to travel through her hometown in Kansas one day as an adult. Nothing makes her happier than to start a book, and then complete it, whether she’s reading someone’s work or writing her own.

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Author Interview

1.What inspired you to become a Multicultural, IR or BWWM Romance writer?

Everything about life inspires me my writing, from what happens to us, to what doesn’t, and what I think should and shouldn’t.

  1. Besides writing, what are some of your favorite things?

Reading being number one, vacationing on a beach is number two.

  1. Name at least two (2) authors that you admire who write Multicultural, IR or BWWM Romance?

Theresa Hodge and Kirsten Campbell

  1. What types or genre of books do you enjoy reading? What are you currently reading?

IR is my favorite, and I’m not currently reading anything.

  1. Where do you expect to be in your career as an author five (5) years from now?

I would love to be a NY Times Bestselling Author.

  1. What advice can you give to new authors who’s interested in writing in this genre?

Learn and research everything before signing on any dotted lines and write their story their way. Ultimately, you want to give the readers a spectacular read, but if you don’t love the story first then it’s not right, and you can’t please everyone.

Special message from London to you …

To all of my readers, future and present, I do not write novels for just  when the world has grown cold toward us, but to relax and release, and give everyone an alternate reality to reside in where there is danger, lust, love, mayhem, murder, and sizzling sex scenes all in the same setting, to keep you turning the pages. This is my gift to anyone that uses their precious time to enter my world where anything can happen at the flick of the wrist.

Book Catalog

A Million Dollar Love Series

A Million Dollar Love


Storm has been through the fire with an abusive ex and almost didn’t live to tell about it–although she has no plans to. She keeps her secrets buried in a locked vault inside her head where they speak to her daily, literally. Devon, a millionaire playboy, will have to tunnel through layers and layers of her damaged psyche to find the key to her heart and her head if he wants to be in her life longer than a few minutes, but their love will come at a price. Will he fight to get the affection of the woman that he so eagerly desires to be with? Or will he decide the price of loving a damaged woman like Storm is too high a price to pay?

Available for purchase here.

A Million Dollar Love 2


Storm has given up on everything in life but providing for her family after thirteen unlucky years in a marriage designed in hell that fractured her mind into several other identities, making her a functioning nutcase. She’s even given up on love just to keep her abuse and multiple personalities a secret from everyone. But she allows Devon Sims to give her the best one-night stand of her life just before she gives up on him, too, sparking another man’s deadly determination to have her all to himself or no one will have her, at all.

Available for purchase here.

A Million Dollar Love 3


Secrets, shame, and mental instability resulting from an abusive past with Sidney made Storm lock herself away inside her head where the ramifications of Sidney’s abuse live and speak to her daily. She would never risk anyone finding out she’s a highly-functioning nutcase, even her mother. But after meeting Devon, Storm’s life becomes an uphill battle with old and new stalkers wielding guns, promising her death. They’ll become the ultimate test to her determination for survival, protecting her family, and keeping her secrets away from the second man that has the power to destroy her from the inside out.

Available for purchase here.

The Other Man: Dangerous Love and Secrets Series

The Other Man: Dangerous Love and Secrets


Jané loves her husband more than life itself, enough to naively sacrifice every dream she has ever had. But, communication failure in their marriage will cause a breakdown that neither may be able to come back from, and allow another man into both their lives, Blazier Freeman. Unusual desires and unstable secrets that are bound to get somebody killed will push them all to their breaking points. Can Jané resist the other man that can give her everything her husband does not know she needs? Is Blazier the only thing standing between Jané and the tempest waiting to be unleashed without warning into her life when those same desires and secrets come to the light?

Available for purchase here.

The Other Man 2: Dangerous Love and Secrets


Jané Sullivan’s life is spiraling out of control. Her marriage is dead in the water. Her best friend is acting strange. She thinks her property is being vandalized by her soon-to-be ex-husband’s mistress, or mistresses. To top it all off, her fantasies for a more than deeply satisfying sex life are becoming more urgent. The only one holding her down through this upheaval is Blazier Freeman, a man she has known for a day. Yet, he is proving to be the tower of strength she craves. Her cravings for him are growing, too. But, will she find out who’s leaving her messages in red promising her death if she doesn’t leave her husband? Or will her life come to a dead end before she has fulfilled those cravings with anyone?

Available for purchase here.

The Other Man 3: Dangerous Love and Secrets


Jané Sullivan has been through hell and back since Quon Sullivan demanded a divorce. But a real hell waited patiently to become her last stop on a journey of discovery about her marriage that she never wanted to take. Every decision she has made has turned out to be the wrong one for everyone in her life, including the other man, Blazier Freeman, who appeared mysteriously just as her world flipped upside down. Now Jané does not know who she can trust anymore while trying to survive this journey and a series of storms unleashing one right after the other. What will it take to make her trust herself again and get her life back? When will love and secrets stop being dangerous for her? Or will she live long enough to find out?

Available for purchase here.

Ileeria: The Chosen One Series

Ileeria: The Chosen One (Paperback)


Good witch, Ileeria Madias, leads a willing, solitary existence broken up by few distractions while nursing a soul link damaged from being forced to live without her soul mate, Alex Foster, who’s married to someone else. Then all hell breaks loose and she has to take her rightful place as the Fates’ Chosen One in an ancient war with Alex as her guide to master the powerful magic inside of her while learning to curb her impulsive disorder to run, and save the world from more than just the devil’s son.

Available for purchase here.

Ileeria’s Dark Passenger


Ileeria, the three Fates’ Chosen One, has a penchant for cursing and running away. True to form, she disappears just before the zenith war after managing to push away Alex, her guide, and lose her dark passenger in the process. After clipping the link between her and her married, fated-mate’s souls, she becomes hell-bent on being just as self-destructive as her evil entity is destructive. The devastation they’re determined to cause may take down everyone on the planet.

Available for purchase here.

lIeeria’s Sacrifice


Ileeria and Até have managed to survive the Zenith war, keep the earth out of the devil’s grasp, and marry the men they love. But, will Ileeria find a way to endure Alex’s obsessive and controlling determination to keep her out of harm’s way at all costs before it rips them apart, and keep them all out of the grip of Tarkoff, a vicious and deadly vampire?

Available for purchase here.

Diamonds and Pearls Series

Diamonds and Pearls


Reign and Royal Ferotti are identical twins, as different as night and day, and have been estranged for five years. Even their parents’ tragic death couldn’t mend the broken ties and differences between the sisters.

Reign does the right thing at every turn, and tries to steer clear of trouble. Royal is double trouble by herself and does whatever the legendary Ferotti temper tells her to. This time, it tells her to take something from her ex-boyfriend, Maxim Carter, to get back at him for breaking up with her. When Royal listens, she’ll discover that what she’s taken will bring trouble the size of hell and high water combined Reign’s way. Can Reign convince her hot-headed sister to give back what she stole? Or is it too late for the sisters when Maxim’s boss comes all the way from South London, looking for his merchandise himself?

Available for purchase here.

Diamonds and Pearls 2

Coming October 2016


Book Excerpt ~ The Other Man 3: Dangerous Love and Secrets

“Blazier, stop. It’s too much,” she yells, not caring who hears her begging for him to stop but silently hoping it never ends. He ignores her until the ripples slashing at her body stop on their own, letting her find some relief from her release, but not from Blazier’s body attacking pleasure zone after pleasure zone within her.

Another orgasm begins to build at a rapid pace in Jané’s core. It’s coming too fast and she isn’t sure if she’ll survive this one, or at least be able to stay awake afterward, but too many lives depend on her doing both.

“Hurry,” she begs.

He smirks and drops his mouth over hers.

“You think I don’t know when you’re about to cum, Jané. Think again, love,” he says against her lips before rocketing through her body like a battering ram.

She feels a cold draft on her outer thighs wrapped behind his back, looks around, wondering where the breeze’s coming from, and finds Quon standing in the opened doorway.

“Well damn, you could’ve asked me to join,” Quon says as soon as she lays eyes on him. “Just because we’re divorcing does not mean I can’t participate anymore. I heard ex sex is the best, or so Blazier says,” he jokes, crosses his arms over his chest, and continues to observe.

It dawns on Jané that her soon-to-be ex-husband has stolen into the room, watching them have sex. The storm building in her center breaks. Her orgasm sends her into the dark skies. Blazier’s head swivels to the right to glare at Quon then he shoves all the way up into her before filling her tunnel with his own stickiness. She shuts her eyes tight to endure the pressure in her core releasing and making stars appear behind her eyelids, and screams until it’s over. That’s when the situation grows awkward for her. Even if she’s no longer with Quon, no one wants to get caught with their pants down or off, in her case.

“Jesus Quon!” she shouts, “What the hell are you doing in here?”

He shrugs and cocks his head.

“I came looking for you since it didn’t seem that you were coming back. Now I know why. You sure you aren’t my equal in every way, Jané, because I could’ve sworn we just went through this at the club.” Then, he throws his head back, laughs heartily at the irony, and walks out, closing the door behind him.

Jané finds it ironic that she may have cheated Quon out of many opportunities to find the woman that would’ve tried to remove a testicle for each woman she caught coming out of the hallway in front of him at the club. It saddens her for him that their love was never the forever kind of love people fight to hold on to, but the kind that shelters people who have secrets to hide and holes in their heart that make them afraid to be alone. Nor is she shocked that Quon’s taking the situation so well. She doesn’t know if she would have, had it been Blazier that she walked in on at the club or just now.


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Did you check out yesterday’s featured author? Click here to see all that Phoenix Rayne has to offer. To view all of the other featured authors, just type in ‘Swirling Around Love’ in the search bar.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow to see our next featured author. Also, make sure you follow my blog as well as the host of this event.


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