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The Love Interview Series!!

Hi everyone! Today, I was doing my regular routine of writing and promoting and a great idea popped into my head. I wanted to do something that goes further into the minds of my favorite couples, so I figured what better way of doing that than with an interview series!

That’s right, starting February 20th, a new event will be coming on the blog showcasing interviews from your favorite book couples, including:

Riana & Shawn (Love, Life, & Happiness series)

Cheryl & Marcus (Love, Life, & Happiness series)

Andie & Dexter (The Love Chronicles series)

Hayley & Morgan (Something Just Ain’t Right series)

Tamara & Lamar (Something Just Ain’t Right series)

Asia & Bryon (Reclaiming What Is Mine series)

Vanessa & Mark (Into You series)

Catch up on what your favorite couples are doing as they dish on their favorite events as well as future events. There will also be previews on new books and their release dates.

Check back on the blog for more info as well as the dates for each couple interview.


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