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The Love Interviews- Asia & Bryon


Welcome back to The Love Interview series, where today I’ll be chatting with Asia and Bryon from Reclaiming What Is Mine! This was actually a standalone novel, but decided to do another story regarding the couple’s nuptials, titled, Reclaiming What Is Ours. Of course, there are other elements in the story that readers will definitely be intrigued with.

Now, let’s start the interview:

SB: Before we start the interview, I have to thank you both for agreeing to do one. I know you both have hectic schedules with Bryon running the agency and Asia with your writing.

Bryon: Of course, we had to take some time out for you, Sheena.

Asia: Yes! We’re so excited that you wanted to talk with us. It’s truly an honor.

SB: Thank you. I have to admit, Reclaiming What Is Mine really hit home for me with the situation that you were in, Asia. Tell me, what was going through your mind when you decided to move in with Dwight’s aunt, Jordan? I know that was difficult for you.

Asia: It was truly an adjustment that I had to face. Thank God I’m no longer there, lol.

SB: Lol, I can imagine. But moving on, how are things between you two? When readers read the ending, you two were going to Vegas to elope, but in your new story, you’re having a wedding. So, are you two married or decided to wait to have a lavish wedding?

Asia: We decided to wait. We figured we wanted to do things right.

Bryon: When Asia told me that she didn’t really have a wedding the first time, I figured it was only right to give her want she deserves, so we decided to just go to Vegas as a celebration of our engagement.

SB: That’s sweet, but Bryon, you always have been a sweetheart and a man who knows what he wants. I love that in a man.

Bryon: Thank you, Sheena. I appreciate that.

SB: No problem. But how is the agency going?

Bryon: It’s going fine. Jason and I actually locked three new clients this past week.

SB: Wow, that’s amazing! Congratulations.

Bryon: Thank you.

SB: So Jason is still working at the agency?

Bryon: He is, part time; but he’s more focused with being a detective. He tried to lighten his work load once Delia came along, but he couldn’t handle it. He loves what he do.

SB: And Maxine doesn’t have a problem with it?

Bryon: Not at all.

SB: Do you miss working on the force?

Asia: Yeah, Bryon, do you?

SB: I can tell by your facial expression that you two have discussed this before.

Bryon: We have, and I have went back to the force.

SB: Really?

Bryon: There was a case I had to be a part of.

Asia: Ask him who his partner is?

SB: Judging from Bryon’s expression, I don’t think I should.

Asia: Try him.

Bryon: You know this is not funny, Asia.

Asia: Am I laughing?

Bryon: You’re smirking, so it’s the same thing.

SB: Is it Dwight?

Bryon: Unfortunately.

SB: How did that come about?

Bryon: He switched divisions; since I left the force, Jason got another partner, which left me with Dwight.

SB: I’m sure it’s awkward.

Bryon: You don’t say.

Asia: Now, this is awkward to discuss.

SB: I agree, so we should move on. How is your writing coming along, Asia? What about your company? Have you signed any other new authors?

Asia: I do have another book coming out and I’m working with one of my new authors with her book. As it just so happens, she’s dating Dwight.

SB: Wow, so he’s not with Tonya?

Asia: Nope.

SB: And as I can see from Bryon’s expression again that we should completely stop talking about Dwight.

Bryon: Please.

SB: Okay, what about your wedding? Can you share any ideas on the theme?

Asia: We settled on an outdoor wedding, possibly the beach. Since it will be in the summer, then it’ll be a possibility.

SB: A beach wedding. I love those. You should talk to Hayley and Morgan, since they had a beach wedding.

Asia: Maybe we should so we can get some pointers.

Bryon: Cool.

SB: There is something I wanted to point out. With the first story, a lot of readers were displeased with the basis of the story since it did tackle the issue of infidelity. How do you two feel about the issue?

Asia: Of course I felt guilty throughout the time that Bryon and I developed a relationship. We both knew it was wrong, but as the saying goes, you can’t help who you love. No matter how much I’d tried to deny my feelings for Bryon, they were there; with the issues I was having with Dwight, it made things with Bryon even more complicated; but I knew where my heart was, and it was with Bryon.

Bryon: I don’t think a lot of people want to be in a situation where they cheat. Honestly, if someone is not happy in a relationship, they should either try to fix what’s broke or just move on. Honestly, I think that what happened with Asia and Dwight. I admit, the situation should had been handled better, but at the end, everyone did realize the part they played and moved on from the situation.

SB: So, you both encourage infidelity?

Asia: Of course not, but as adults, we have to own up to our mistakes, and I think we all did that.

Bryon: I agree.

SB: At the end of the day, you two were able to find the love that you both longed for as well as Dwight, even though it didn’t last for him.

Asia: He did find love as well with his son, Omari, so there was a silver lining with that situation.

SB: What should readers expect from your new story?

Asia: Reclaiming What Is Ours takes place a year after the proposal as Bryon and I get ready for our wedding, while dealing with other events in our lives.

Bryon: There will be some issues along the way, but no matter what, we work through them. I can’t imagine not having A in my life, so whatever the issues may be, we’ll find a way to overcome them, right A?

Asia: Of course.

SB: I love you two as a couple. Despite what you two have went through, you found a way to make things work. But I want to thank you two for a very insightful interview.

Asia: The pleasure was ours, Sheena.

Bryon: Thank you.

SB: Reclaiming What Is Ours will be available on September 8th! Their first story, Reclaiming What Is Mine, is available now on all major outlets in eBook as well as paperback. If you haven’t read this story, then you definitely should. It’s a must read!

Check back tomorrow as I interview Andie & Dexter from The Love Chronicles series as they discuss their new story, Say That You Love Me.

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