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The Love We Have is LIVE!!!!

Hi everyone!!

The past week has been hectic with finishing The Love We Have. I had the story ready to be released on May 7th, but there was a techinical glitch with Amazon, causing me to cancel the preorder. I was a bit stressed, but I figured since I was going to upload the manuscript, I decided instead of waiting for Sunday to release the story, I will upload to Amazon now.

In other words, The Love We Have is now available! You can 1-Click or can read for free on Kindle Unlimited.

I’m really excited for you all to read this story, especially since this is the first story from the Forever Love series, which is a spin-off from The Love Chronicles. This is Regina and Damien‘s story, as they go through their share of ups and downs in the first two years of their marriage. From overbearing parents, to an ex coming back into the picture, the two have their hands full, making them wonder will love truly conquer all.

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