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The Pricing Game


Hi everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Wednesday!

Ever since I published my first book,to even now, one of the things that I have always wondered was how to price my books. Whether it’s $0.99 or $2.99, I wanted to be fair to my readers and price my stories at a reasonable amount. But what is a fair price for certain books?

As many of you may know, majority of my books are priced at $0.99; there were a few that were priced higher, and that was because of the books from my publisher. With my stories, I have received several messages from readers wondering why I priced my books so low, especially since some of my stories are over 200 pages. One reader even mentioned that by setting my price so low, it could make people wonder whether the story is any good, especially since there are other authors to choose from.

Ever since that conversation, I had to wonder myself why I set the prices for my books so low. Could it be because I want readers to purchase my books, or could it be because I’m doubting myself as an author? Authors take a lot of time and their hard earned money to release a book; from the book cover, to the editing and promotion, it could take a lot from an author to self-publish; that’s why so many authors price their books higher than $0.99. Publishing a book is also a livelihood for majority of us, so we have to do what is best to protect ourselves financially. For me, there’s a reason to why I set my book prices at either $0.99 or $1.99. It all stems down to recognition.

Throughout my writing career, I try to be reasonable with selling my books; therefore, I keep the price low so readers could purchase them. Sometimes, it can be hard to determine that a book that is over 200 pages to be priced under a dollar, but I can understand that majority of readers does have budgets to maintain, so in order for readers to be able to purchase a book, I’ll be more than happy to place mines at that price. By doing this, it doesn’t question my abilities as a writer and whether my book is good; it’s just for me to be more relatable to my readers. I’m also a working person who has a budget, so I can definitely relate to readers who want to look for a good book at a reasonable price.

As for future releases, I might test out a book at $2.99, but that’s the highest I will go in book pricing; I will not go beyond that, so that you would never have to worry about from me. Call me cheap, but I do look out for my readers as much as they look out for me when you all support my projects.

So there you have it; my take on book pricing. How do you feel about this subject? Do you feel authors should price their books a certain way to satisfy readers? If you are a reader or author, I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject. If you do have a comment, please post it in the comments section below.

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