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In Love With My Best Friend will be one of the books featured during this year’s Orangeberry Virtual Book Expo! The expo is a month-long event, starting tomorrow, August 1st.

Information regarding the expo is below:

The 2013 Orangeberry Virtual Book Expo will be held from 1st August to 31st August 2013. Guest ‘speakers’ will be invited to share on their own writing experiences, the challenges of the publishing industry and the future of ebooks. Share the event on Twitter with this hashtag #OBExpo.Just like a live book expo, the event will open with readers being treated to door gifts. Each day, there will be one guest speaker and other giveaways. Questions will be held via Twitter or a separate forum . If the speaker is an author, readers can also request for a book signing.

If you would like to connect to the expo, the link is below:

I also have a book tour coming up in August. I will post the details soon on where I will be guest blogging as well as which blog will be reviewing In Love With My Best Friend!

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